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I was a blogger on the site for 10 years and my blog was the most popular blog on the site for many of those years.Recently my account was banned and my blog was deleted by the site.

I believe those actions were taken because I spoke out in my blog about deceptive business practices such as allowing transsexual men to use female profiles, using ambassadors to attract new members and the use of a points for cash program which allows female members to earn cash for interacting (sending emails, camming, etc.) on the site. The ambassador program is structured so that female members write emails to new standard members on lists that are provided by the site on a daily basis. The emails are reviewed by the site before they are forwarded to the new members to ensure that they do not discuss the ambassador program or the fact that the women are receiving points for writing to them.

When the standard members receive the emails, the text is blurred so they are unable to read the emails unless they purchase a membership.

I recently started a new blog on Google and it appears that I am allowed more freedom of expression than what was allowed on AFF.

This reviewer shared experience about "quesionable business practices" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. The author is overall dissatisfied with Adultfriendfinder. The most disappointing about adultfriendfinder website from Adultfriendfinder was business practices and unfair enforcement of the terms of use , but reviewer liked people that i met. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1321089

Hello I was also one of AFF's biggest contributors and was kicked off and banned. At that time they also stole all my money that the users we're kind enough to give me.

to T11117 Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1321795

I'm sorry that happened to you.I never exchanged points for money.

Instead I gave them to standard members who needed them. I think I had around 45k when my account was deactivated. I've heard lots of stories about people with lots of points being kicked off the site.

It makes one wonder, doesn't it!I remember seeing your blog on the site, but I'm not sure if we ever met.


Trannies are very trendy at the moment, you probably should have guessed how it would play out if you mentioned these troubled guys in anything but a breathlessly positive tone.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1285422

Somehow you managed to make me giggle.Thank you.

I honestly didn't see foresee a problem with speaking the truth...especially when that person states on his female profile that he isn't really a woman.

I've always believed that speaking the truth is harmless and that deceiving others is wrong, but it seems that the reverse of each is true for that site.I feel as if my good morals were my downfall.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1285427

Somehow you managed to make me giggle.Thank you.

I honestly didn't see foresee a problem with speaking the truth...especially when that person states on his female profile that he isn't really a woman.

I've always believed that speaking the truth is harmless and that deceiving others is wrong, but it seems that the reverse of each is true for that site.I feel as if my good morals were my downfall.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1290078

To be honest I didn't foresee things turning out this way.I've always believed that it's okay to speak the truth and that person does state on his "female" profile that he is not a woman.

Since standard members can't view profiles a lot of men are fooled into thinking they are interacting with a woman and I feel that it's wrong to deceive people, but apparently AFF is okay with it because they refuse to take action against that member.I've concluded that my morals clash with the way that site operates and I feel much better now that I'm no longer a member.

to Sexy_SandraD #1293360

My first guess is that AFF doesn't really care much, they're just following what seems like the path of least resistance.This is the way of things now I'm afraid.

A slavish obsession with political correctness coupled with the obscure trends that emerge from wealthy first world western societies means that there's no telling which weirdo subject will be considered normal or taboo tomorrow.

On our current trajectory I wouldn't be surprised to wake up some day only to learn that kiddy fiddlers have now been renamed "youth appreciators" or somesuch and are now considered lovable types who need hugs, understanding and all manner of concessions.Bleurgh

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1293362

Based on what I witnessed on that site, I totally understand the point that you are making. In earlier years, a person's account would have been deleted if the site learned that they their biological gender didn't match the chosen profile.

I'm sure that it relates to the current PC movement, but I also wonder if it's a way for them to inflate the count for female members.

to Anonymous #1295001

Yep, no doubt that being a little creative with the term "female" helps to balance their one-sided userbase which can only be good for business.

Houston, Texas, United States #1258487

I was banned for life also for no real reason, I was verified and confirmed I bought VIP status and used it, then AFF made my profile private without me asking, so I emailed them and they fixed it, a few days later I was banned from all site owned by them bc I violated the terms, which I did not, the owe me $500 that is the real reason for the ban, at least in my opinion that is the reason.My pics are real and all of my info accurate.

I sent an email and they had the nerve to ask me to fax a copy of my ID/DL and credit card to them, WTH what real legit company does that?

NONE Also I hear men saying so many women are fake haaaaaaaaaaaa so many men are just as fake.So I believe you 100% when you say how they treated you.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1258615

I'm sorry that happened to you.

This is shocking, but it's in the site's terms of use...


(a) We reserve the right to terminate or restrict your access to or use of the Services, without notice or liability, for any or no reason whatsoever.

In addition, we may terminate your Account and any membership and/or subscription with us by sending notice to you at the email address you provided in your application for membership, or pursuant to Section 31 below. Upon termination of these Terms, you will not be entitled to any refund of any unused Subscription Fees or other prepaid amounts. All decisions regarding the termination of Accounts shall be made by us in our sole discretion. We are not required, and may be prohibited, from disclosing to you the reason for termination of your Account, membership or subscription."

Even though they have that policy, I suggest filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office because it sounds like an unfair business practice.

I regret that I became a verified and confirmed member because the site has been hacked twice in the last couple of years and all of my info was in their database.

I've read hundreds of complaints by men saying the site has lots of fakes and prostitutes. In the months before my account was deactivated, I was concerned that people might assume that I was a *** because it seemed that I was surrounded by working girls in the blogs.

Good luck getting a refund.As you can see, they do not respond to people on this site.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1258628

I should have said the Federal Trade Commissioner, not the Attorney General. Sorry for the error.

Hixson, Tennessee, United States #1252792

Or you got banned for accusing a group of people of doing things they aren't and creating a witch hunt out of it.Transsexual Men are born female and transition to what society deems as male.

Would help to know what you're talking about before pointing fingers.

Oh and after surgeries all legal documents are changed to the sex the individual would identify as.So those post op Transsexuals are using the correct letter.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1253059

It seems that you are not fully informed about what happened on that site.I am aware that a person has a legal right to use a different gender after they have received a sex change and a revised birth certificate.

However, the person that I spoke out about has not had a sex change. He states on his profile that he is not a woman yet he uses a female profile. Since a lot of members can't view profiles they are being deceived into thinking that the man who is wearing a wig and a dress is a female.

Since leaving the site, I have learned that there are other people like him who are using female profiles.

I had no idea that Anastasia was a man, but now that I'm informed I see the obvious clues.

The build of her body in her other profile pics should have been a red flag.

I don't think men who are searching for biological women should have to sort through T and F profiles to find real women.

to Anonymous #1264753

LOL just keep telling yourself that buddy.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1264775

Thanks for commenting.I think DNA defines who is male and who is female.

Hormone treatments and surgery doesn't change a person's DNA. Therefore I think of a post-op T as a T, not a female or a male.

Currently some countries identify T's as women after they've undergone a gender change simply because they've not yet passed laws to recognize the 3rd gender.

I'm eager for all countries to recognize the third gender so that the confusion related to T's and F's will be eliminated.

Bogart, Georgia, United States #1247605

Sandra, I was one of the lucky ones and a year ago, I did find a nice lady, we are still together, She was also on the site for 5 years,I have been on the site for 5 years, patience is the key, company " plants" fake profiles, not proper disclosure of gender, has become the norm for the last year or more.also in last 6 months the amount of down time the site sees, loss of use of IM and chats for days..the inability to get issues corrected in a timely manner are just a few of the today's AFF issue.

Not sure that all know about all the parallel sites that use the AFF data under some of these other names:

and if you google any of the popular profile names you can find them on 30-40 other sites world wide.

So we know that any information given to them is widely dispersed...

Sandra, It was good to chat with you yesterday, I hope again soon somewhere...It is good to find you and again be entertained, educated, informed and our eyes filled with the beauty we have missed ...Ray

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1247779

Congratulations to you and the lucky lady!I feel lucky too since I made so many friends on the site and many are now real life friends too.

One time I found a boyfriend, but the relationship ended years ago and now we are just best friends. I would like for it to be more than that, but he isn't open to dating anyone at this point in his life.

I agree that patience in the key. I fear that my profile will now be used to lure new members. Someone told me that he was recently presented with an ad to pay to see my Sexy_SandraD profile even though my account was deactivated around July or August of this year.

I think that allowing people to use profiles that do not match their gender is very deceptive. In addition to that, I noticed that straight people are not allowed to voice their views or preferences without retribution.

I experienced lots of issues with IM and chat. I had an issue with my blog header disappearing that had existed for maybe 6 month or longer and was unresolved when my account was deactivated by the site.

The sites that I am most familiar with are AFF, Xmatch and Passion, but I am aware that there are many more. I blogged about the parallel sites in my new blog. I explained that one of the reasons why some men assume that straight men are bi or *** is because they are listed on *** sites.

Ray I had a great time chatting with you and I hope that you will visit me at my new Google blog from time to time.

If you don't want to chat openly, you can use links to send private emails to me.

Bogart, Georgia, United States #1247593

I to am a current member of the AFF community and have several profiles on some of their sites, in the last year I have been approached by what I perceive as "company plants" to try to pull "points" ( which are directly related to MONEY) as of this date 29-Nov-16 there are at least 6-10 of these each week, It is so obvious that any one can spot these FAKE profiles...but not much has been done, the Pay for Play, as a lot call it has removed all but a very few real women on the site.

It is a shame that such a nice working site has turned into chaos...

Sandra it is good to see you back, I and others missed you and your blogs..much less the scenery!!!!and again thanks for being my number one fan.....Ray

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1247632

Thanks Ray for sharing your observations and experience with the site.It is a shame that real women looking for sex or a relationship are so hard to find on that site now.

It's used to be a great place to make connections.

It was great to see you again, but the site closed my account so now you will need to visit me on Google if you want to stay in touch.Just look for me under this name and you will find me.

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