just hook up not one responce its a joke you get e-mails winks just to keep you on the hook thinking each day you might get a responce stay away from this site just hook up it is a scam i have been on the site two weeks nothing alot of hot girls all around me sending messages winks views no responces from message you reply this site should be shut down and were did all the pictures come from the girls probably dont know thir picture is being usedonce again stay away from just hook up its a fake site

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anonymous Phenix City, Alabama, United States #685717

ALL dating sites are scams!I've tried a number of them, even paid membership for some.

I have NEVER had a hook up through one. Had tons of "winks"and such...lots of invites to web cans and phone sex and other sex sites.

Even had a few "I'm trapped in Africa help me our " messages!Forget the computer ...if you're trying to get laid or meet someone just do it the old fashion way and support your local bartenders!

Caninmex #616776

There are real women in AFF.I just finished getting blowed by one!

It was great!But hey just keep on trying they will ***!!

Tanner #540333

Hey cohena2.You're right about getting out to meet women face to face.

But you are dead wrong about e harmony & match.com.


just type in the name then put /scam.You will be surprised.

Chip_Chipperson #527966

Adult friend finder has some real member I found out and met few ladies.Had some fun.However the fact is that its quite difficult to get email responses .

For every three messages sent to members you get one back from someone. I have been a member for quite some time and I do not see that site as the only way to meet people.

Sometimes its better to go out and jump back to reality where most people at list seem real.Peace and good luck.

Chip Chipperson

Kalia #491935

Adult Friend Finder and their affiliates have almost no real women now, (2012), because of their repugnant marketing.You sign up for Adult Friend Finder, and they immediately post your entire profile on hundreds of "affiliate" and "co-brand" sites.

They refuse to tell members what sites their profiles are posted on, or allow them to opt-out of these other sites, because they know members would be outraged.

These other sites go by names like *** A ***, or market members as being lesbians, transvestites, swingers, into group sex, BDSM, and even more revolting things.Real women have left in disgust, and the site is now primarily bots, fakes, scammers, and men pretending to be women.

mindofmason #472481

Did you expect to go online and expect the women to just line up for you?Get over yourself.

There are plenty of women on AFF. They might love sex, but they're still women and they need some degree of wooing and a feeling that they are safe being with you.

Maybe you're just not attractive to them, or your profile makes you look desperate, conceited, or a perv or a murderer!Have you thought of that?

Woodworker #469081

If this country wasnt so fake christian and prude we would be free again to live life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness ! keep on turning in the scammers, including politicians and corp. america

KateD #379140

Hey, you went on the internet to get f*cked, and you did. Good job.

cohena2 #377935

Instead move out of your parents basement, get a life and either meet people in real life or use a reputable dating website such as eharmony or Match.com. You deserve what you get for being a pathetic ***.

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