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As a trial member I had lots of views and flirts by many women from California.Once I became a paid member to respond, views and flirts from women disappeared.

they picked up again from women in Africa, Israel, Hungary Philipines, China (all-FAKE-contacts I believe) where adultfriendfinder knows Im unlikely to write. I've written 18 letters to local active members in my immediate area looking for exactly someone like me and who viewed me and sent me flirts. Of course all were standard members so I bought the features that allowed them to contact me. Not one did so in spite of more reviews and flirts from same women.NO responses at all.

I'm a good looking guy with a picture on my profile and very good description etc. I had alot of responses at Plentyoffish free site. If you do join Don't pay for gold or for any additional features such as allowing standard members to contact you. They don't deliver anything more.

Be forewarned, this site is notorious for ripping people off. I read many reviews from other people with similar experiences to mine who were also ripped off by AFF. Unfortunately, I read reviews after I joined and had been ripped off. WARNING!

if you pay by credit card and set your reocurring charge to off AFF will reset to ON just before your membership expiration!AFF will RIP you off!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Anonymous #1212660

#1- Once you become a paid member, you need to check your account setttings and turn AUTO-RENEW to "off" because the default is "on".

#2- Men are a dime a dozen on there.Tons of *** men all clambering for the attention of a few real women.

There are plenty of men on there who just play games and won't ever meet you either!

And just because God gave you the right "part" doesn't mean you are entitled to get some action because you are a paid member.

fastnhard Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #849156

I'm a real member with a real profile...surprise surprise I'm also a girl!

Let me give you it from our side of view. I'm attractive, have a fairly racy profile, and have some pretty hot photos up and I constantly get accused of being a fake because I don't respond fast enough or because I say I'm not interested after a few messages. You have to realize that not everyone is attracted to everyone else. Not to mention that even though AFF is basically a hook up site, leading with a *** pic and a sexually charged rape fantasy is probably not going to get you the attention you deserve.

I get lots of emails and message but most from men who are way too old, way too married, or way too far away. I'm not bragging, I have girlfriends on the site and it's the same thing for them... it takes forever to *** out the fakes and the crazies and get to the good ones and by then they've often got frustrated and moved on (or deleted their account)

So boys maybe think about that the next time you message a girl. Be sweet...

say something besides "Whats Up" "Wanna ***?" "Or do you like big ***?" and you might be surprised.And please for the love of god have a full profile!

linkinparkp3 #835631

Wanted to complaint on AFF to police as many of the girls converted this site as Paid sex site and they are doing online prostitution. Please let me know how to raise a complaint on few members from this site.

JustMe Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #829998

Are they still turning auto-renew ON??? i'd like to go Gold.. but i don't want to be robbed every month

if i decide to Cancer my Subscription.

fabiensky Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India #654152

hii evry 1

fabiensky Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India #654151

hii evry 1

samysalman Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh #639050

hi i am a sexy slim boy looking foe a sexy slim girl

bob to samysalman Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India #641371

give me ur num :p

rip off #530153

I have been a member on and off over the years.AFF will do just what people say. They will charge you without you knowing about it and you have to call and talk to someone over seas that doesnt have a clue.AFF has done this more than once to me.Just have to watch them. I will say that I have met a couple of women on there but near as many as the site boasts it has.I get ALL KINDS OF FAKE stuff AFF should be able to filter out.Bottom women can be found on this site but always have your guard up for AFF TO RIP YOU OFF BECAUSE THEY WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incognito58 #485641

AFF has been turning my account back on after I have turned it off numerous times.When I had called them in the past, they gave me the same story as they gave others here "you must of clicked the wrong button and accidentally turn it back on to auto renew.

I have also spoke to several people that have had this problem with these thieves. The last time I was on my account was last year around May 2011 with the expectation that my Gold account wast going to expire the very next month June 2011. A friend told my that I am still on AFF as a gold member, again the same old stealing money from customers bank accounts after they have turned off auto renew. I am very pissed off right now and will be taking action against this Bogus company.

I will be contacting the FCC and I will do everything in my power to have them shut down. I am licensed through the FCC and I know how it all works. The more people that contact the FCC, the better.

Spread the word that this company is a rip off/scam.Their days are numbered!!!

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