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Just hook up.com is a rip off & it's all fake!Don't fall for the bs.

Same 'women' come up in multiple cities, profile descriptions do not match profile pics. Customer service is a joke. The site must have automatic messages sent to my inbox, & when I send a message it doesn't send the message. I hope this site is being investigated.

Have been told by customer service no refunds, then was promised refund when I pressed it. Now they're back to 'no refund' and not responding to me anymore.

So what to do now?Well I'm on the attack.

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JustHookUp.COM #396303

Total Rip Off...just webcam girls trying to make money....girls that may write to saying they spoke to you, and live 1500 hundred miles away....THE WORST SITE EVER...!!

DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$$$$...wrote to complain and received ABSOLUTELY NO ANSWER...!!


gtank197 #393677

***, I wish i would have read this page before I joined the other night.This site got me too.

I signed up for the lifetime too!!! I noticed the same thing, about not responding back to my messages. Well, I'm not going to worry about suing due to the fact no one has gotten a refund. I will just have to count it as a lesson learned and meet women the old fashioned way, in person.

forget this ***. If it sounds too good to be true.... then ***-it.....

IT IS!!!!!!:cry

i agree #393516

I joined this sight lookin for fun too but the women on it was NOT from my hometown.Then they automaticly take from my account another month.

Ill be sueing too.

If u will notice all the girls pics were taken in same place.Feel sorry for them huh..

Caz #392789

I fell for it too.I was just lookin' for fun, even paid the one month fee.

Hot girls sending me msgs, i was thinkin, '***, i could get me some.' sent msgs back, an nothin.

then the thought hit me, 'there cant be this many hot and lonely girls near me.' so i cxl'd within a week.i dont care bout a refund, just advise no one else to fall for this.

Liam #391538

I fell into this trap people emailing me but never replying.am a good looking lad 23 but wasn't getting any replies i was being a straight up hounest guy not being forward in anyway and nothing back ever..

Thought it was me at first but then it clicked it wasn't me it was just a load of bull..Shame just wanted to meet a hot coool girl..

Ronal #391478

Tht many people watch *** the xvideo too?!. :(

everything_loved #391289

hey if you want a good real site type in fantasti in google and click the first one that comes up its free and fun

1hotfool #390239

I'd like to add that there are some real users on the site.Not many, but a few.

Also, I've been corresponding with a user on the sire whose messages seem real, but hit username makes me suspicious. Of course, I could be suspicious just because I'd discovered that at least 80% of the users are fake!!!

So this guy wants to meet, but after this experience......I dunno???

1hot fool #390233

I joined the site for free.I'm a girl & got lots of messages.

I thought these people were interested in me. I also thought, wow, the ladies really like me!!! Lol. But then I read about the scam, went back thru my messages, and noticed it.

You can tell which profiles are fake just by their usernames: raunchyrobin, sexxxysarah, hotasian, etc. You read their profiles & they ate way too forward, too x rated...then the messages I got were triggered by things like my profile was blank, so I got all these messages saying "Id like to know more about you but your profile is blank, etc. Before I uploaded any pics I got photo requests, once I uploaded a photo I got messages saying my new pic was sexxy. Then I noticed identical messages from different members.

That pissed me off. Like I wasn't going to notice??? What a sucker!! The hot girls drooling over me, but stated that they weren't a *yke should have been a big clue!

I was confused, but ....Oh well

NotAgain #389467

Most all the sites are fake like this.was a member of a few different for a while...

was such a joke...The only real and good site I'd ever recommend is ashleymadison.

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