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Just hook up.com is a rip off & it's all fake!Don't fall for the bs.

Same 'women' come up in multiple cities, profile descriptions do not match profile pics. Customer service is a joke. The site must have automatic messages sent to my inbox, & when I send a message it doesn't send the message. I hope this site is being investigated.

Have been told by customer service no refunds, then was promised refund when I pressed it. Now they're back to 'no refund' and not responding to me anymore.

So what to do now?Well I'm on the attack.

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Sexy_SandraD Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1270808

I agree with the previous comment in that I too believe that all of those sites are a rip off.Since I blogged on AFF for ten years, I know how they operate.

I'm no longer on the site since they deactivated my account for being too outspoken about unfair business practices, but my profile is being presented to people as if I were and the they are asking people to pay to view it.

I wish I could make them stop using my profile.

Anonymous #1071827

I think most all of these pay sites are rip off..I have signed into a few, created profiles for free...gotten replies from ladies..pay my 29.99 and reply back to them and ........silence...not a single one replied back....even put a yahoo messenger chat name in for them to locate me and chat in person..nothing

Anonymous #853060

I actually had someone respond to a message I sent on justhookup.com, albeit not to friendly.Here it is in order received:




Spread em'.........

yes sir!

hi this is SARAH TANYA! I am not hugely experienced with these sort of sites so be gentle. I love ***, i have a bit of a reputation for being easy and i love riding ***......just got here at your state 1 week ago and i noticed that i am not very familiar to your place.i am here cause my family migrated here at your state....if you wanna meet me and getting laid just contact me at my details: email: tanyasimpson69@outlook.com or text me hunny: 1 (646) 462-4285 LETS HAVE A GREAT AND ***..I WANNA LICK YOU AROUND ALL YOUR BODY UNTIL YOU ***!ONCE YOU *** ILL TASTE IT AND SPREAD AROUND MY ***!OHH SHOCKS IM SO HORNYT AND EXCITED TO GET LAID AGAIN PLEASE!PLEASE MAKE ME SQUIRT UNTIL I SHOUT AND HERE ME ROAR!!!! PLEASE CONTACT ME AT MY CONTACT DETAILS IF YOU CONTACT ME HERE I CANNOT READ IT!

*INDICATE YOUR USERNAME IF YOU MESSAGE ME AT MY CONTACT DETAILS TO AVOID SPAMMERS AND FAKE PROFILE ME: Your profile says your a dude. Go away **ggot. ME: Your lucky your not in (where i live) I would beat your **ggoty ***. kissme1990: uhm did you read all y messages even opn my wall?

(ACTUAL REAL RESPONSE !! WOW) ME: Um if your to retarded to fill out a profile properly then why would I bother with your ***? ME: ...

I just like *** with you guys. Do you realize how many of your type there are on this site? Here's a tip for you, OPEN A *** BOOK AND LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH PROPERLY. If your going to run a scam at least make yourself look like your the real thing and not some *** that can't speak the *** language.

Have a great day !! : ) Needless to say I didn't hear back from her / it / scammer again.

Justhookup is a joke.LOL

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Also Anonymous to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #962509

You used "you're" improperly whilst telling them to learn to speak English properly, which makes you a ***, as does calling someone a ***. Perhaps if you weren't so dumb and mean you wouldn't need to be on justhookup.com.

Anonymous #845946

Biggest Scam site ever, all false and most of the fake so called girls, actually work for the site, if you wanna get scammed, join up, should be called just hookup to a cam and let me screw your money, DO NOT JOIN

kaka #798225

hi.add me at skype only hot girls.my skype id is prince_1522

magicmouse #757466

Mkester800has same problem.As of 2 days ago site no longer works.

Seems to be a ninx.com site now. I spent good money on that site, all to get took. Can't seem to get an answer either.

What an outfit.Anybody else got screwed in this idea.

Nic Derby, England, United Kingdom #734597

Hi all i am from England. 8)

I have been on this site for a week now.. All i am finding is girls that are below 19 to 30 years old. I have just discovered that most of them are ether from Australia or the USA. I also got emails with pictures of a very attractive women that wanted me to link up to her cam..!! :roll

I *** up by paying £101.00 by accident. It didn't give me a option it just went straight to payment received.... :cry

This site said hook up with local women who are up for fun, seems to me by the time you get to see them you'd be *** from jet lag.

Looks like i got to go to town to get laid pmsl.. :grin

truckerrr88 Dalton, Ohio, United States #732759

yea i kinda agree every girl i talk with wants to meet up but when u try to they come up with this web cam thing which is ok if u have the equipment but even to get them to talk on the phone with u huh not happening they want u to get ur free phone account before theyll even see u in my opinion i think i would have to at least talk with the girl so they kinda get to know u better somthing here just aint kosher.

Photo are fake Dekalb, Illinois, United States #666463

I have a photograph memory. Same women different city. Don't do it!!!!

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