I have been on adultfriendfinder for many years, and went to seniorsizzle,but it did not work properly,so I deleted it, and they deleted my aff acount with it. When I sent a complaint they replied with a standard reply that it was my computer, and I needed to do a number of things to correct it, when they are the ones that deleted me.I sent several messages, and received the same reply.

So if you join, and send them money, beware, as they can delete you any time, and WILL NOT refund or re-instate your profile. you must re-join and register all over again.

I think they should be made accountable to all the people that pay for services that they do not provide, that do not work, and have not for years. A huge corporate rip-off to the public.

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you deleted the account they can read you mind ding bat you would have to enter the codes that require to delete it.. while you wee on that site did you actually think you would score :?


Your a perv if your on aff

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