Cannot get Adultfriendfinder webpage

For several days now I have been unable to get Adultfriendfinder's web page. For some reason I cannot get the webpage either. This happened severa weeks ago and all of a sudden one morning it came up. I have not had a computer problem that I am aware of. I...
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I am unable to get page on my computer

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Germantown, Maryland
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Reality Check

I accidentally stumbled upon this site as I coincidentally did when I saw my ex bf on AFF. We had met on Match and curiosity got the Cat so I too decided to join. Once my profile was created, posting pics, I opted for a Gold Membership in 2005. Now; I can honetly...
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I just called the number and if you give them your profile name and also your password, they are giving all Gold Members a 2 week extension on their membership. They said there is internal problems and should be fixed within 24 hours.

Well, . . .

. .we will see.

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Wiscasset, Maine

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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Letting married people join online dating its for singles

i think that its wrong how online dating services like sex amateur match sex in your sex on the side club singles net and allow married people to join not only does it hurt the marriage but its suppose to be...
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i am married and love my husband but there aer things that he can not help me with. i wont 2 *** wiht a female and he do not belive in those things so i would like to do this on the down low

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Dallas, Texas

I dn't use Friendfinder. Already a relation. 161********. Give money back. (Visa)

Visa (359********) USD 56,74 USD 23,68 (161********) Since July no use of Friendfinder. Credit these amounts from my Visa. Have already my relation. E-mail-adress: nianhao@***.nl. I was content about your side, but I do not use it now anymore. Please repay these amounts. *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ I will not complain of Friend Finder, I will only ask to repay me the money of August and September, because I had find my relation. Ask to stop but the amounts dn't stop.Will you be so kind to repay it to me on my Visa account 359******** by crediting.
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Me too. Have the same problem!

Don't usa Friendfinder services! I have payed for 7 months without use it

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Amersfoort, Utrecht
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Adultfriendfinder Customer service Dept.

I would like to know when an standard member complains about the service from Adultfriendfinder there never is any contact from AFF . They are constantly changing their system, They call it upgrading. I call it constantly being plagued with problems that grows from bad to worse. They have a member review system setup for complaining to them about : Such as no picture, wrong gender, general advertising, advertising web sites and many other items. But what I don't understand is with my business experience, with customer service experience, and computer knowledge, AFF doesn't seem to be running very efficiently, not running smoothly, and in general seems to be running very poorly. Then I wonder why They can not sign their standard members up for a premium plan to make more money and why they can not have their operations run any smoother then it is now?
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I have attempted to contact you for weeks to cancel my subscription. I found that I received a request from my bank for 29.95 which I approved because your firm would not stop sending requests for payment.

My site name is stevieleespectru and I formally notifying you to cancel my account. Do not try to bill my account again as the bank has been notified to block any further payments. I am not satisfied and am canceling effective immediately. Please confirm this request.

Thank you. Steve Rosenblatt


They stole my money, they told me it just 14 dollars I got 150 on my card they stole all my money


did not load the image (cannot view the model) while click in adult friend finder live model chat & web cam.Could help to figure out what wrong with it.



i never recieved my password to hotmail. i had this problem before. i want to join, but password isnt being sent to my hotmail acct


I can only meet others by, PAYING for a membership? Really, The *** I go to charge less..........

Or, atleast say I need to "pay to play".

Anyways, please cancell my account. anNDNlove.........


Hi there Iwant u to contact me in my email plz sandy2613@***.com


I created a new E-mail in order to remain discreet. I am member johnseven2000 and my Mobil is my only sorce to log on that gives me privacy. Thanks johnseven2000.


My complaint is the same as Jack (#8) I paid with a Money Order, as I have in the past, and not only do they not renew my membership, they answer my emails with computer generated stuff asking the same questions over and over again and when I call I get past the first phone handler but never to a second person. This has been going on for about a month.




I need help, I have been a coustomer for a long time. when i log in and try to go to my home psge, it goes to notifaction bar and will not let me see my messages or anything else.

please help. in a few days it will time to renew my account and i can;t even go there.

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Atlanta, Georgia
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AdultFriendFinder is a total scam. All the women profiles at AdultFriendFinder are fake or webcam hors. If you want to get screwed then sign up for AdultFriendFinder. Enjoy the bs spam messages because that is all you will get. They are only after your $$ they make you think you can join for free but then you cannot do anything. You get hundreds of messages from smoking hot girls but for some reason after you pay your $$ and join none of them reply to your emails. You get emailed all kinds of *** after you join Adult Friend Finder. I would not recommend this site to anyone!
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how real are your profiles? I've met plenty of women on aff; it is the most real sex site out there. show a pic, and don't be a fat slob, maybe you'll get some too


I do believe that this adult friend finder is a scam to I have replied to over 10 girls and not one has got back to me at all plus I had a guy chat me up wanting to meet me to *** then he backed of before I met him and now he is ignoring me he's the one that chatted me up not the other way around he's talked dirty to me and I replyed back the same expecting to meet a nice man but I never met him I have him all my details phone number email but now I feel had if people contact you they are all talk no action it's the werst site to go on


usa, woman , relationship long-term/mariage...write me:



some scams, some very sincere decent people, just like any other site


i need to meet you suba. rply me gayangeeth@***.com.


slt :cry


i want to good girl friends, i am working in dubai,if any one like me contact my id; mariaselva21@***.com,thanks


I joined adultfriendfinder. It's a total scam. I hope someone is reading this


pls nisha i want meet you.are tomorrow meet you.pls reply to this email edress"prasanghemantha@***.com :p


A good and bad picture can really make a difference,, I've been a member for a couple of months, just paying standard rate, and have met a couple of real nice females, just beware if some females you meet might want you to send them $, don't do it & report it, they will get kicked off the site.

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New York, New York

Adult friend finder fraud site and can not deleiver

when do u think any body will attually read my e-mails? when do think u will forward my e-mails to a real person? if u can not deliever what u advertise when can i get my money back? i've been on to many sites to count and i have to much offer FOR REAL. i gotta say this is the worst *&^%$# i've ever had the unfortune to be a part of. no BS i'm am not trying to jump on some band wagon u really need to fix these problems. signed really pissed off man!
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Im a male who has met many women on adultfriendfinder. I find it to be one of the more REAL websites that actually have REAL people who want to meet.

I did have a problem with the auto renew, you must call them and cancel your profile, and you will not be billed any further. Its just like any other social situation, you have to have some manners and tact to be successful, all in all its a pretty good site.


yup i tried it out myself and it was just a bunch of fake profiles, messaged a couple dozen different ones, lot of fake profiles, lot of auto reply responses, just a complete scam, trust me you will get nothing from it at all, and when i tried to cancel it says to call a number which is their customer service # and they take their sweet time processing you and dealing with you, seemed kinda fishy, then they finally cancelled my logon only to see a bill for $100 usd for the call to their customer service lol, they charge you by the minute and there is no mention of this anywhere

its just such a scam its comedic


Anon you are a stupid ***. This site is full of bots and spam.

The site itself is a lie.

So if you are one of the few women on there you are truly a *** and secondly you may work for AFF. Men are looking for sex because when women like you open their mouth it is all too much a reminder as to why we can live without you.


What they deliver is removal of $ from your account. Massive amounts of fake profiles, many with professionally taken pictures that under honest circumstances are not likely to appear on such a website.

Paid con artists from around the world who show an interest in you even though you are in CA, FL, NY, etc. Ask yourself why would they be searching my state? More con artists that contact you and show interest around renewal time. Duplicate pictures for different profiles.

Profiles with very similar title lines from cities in the same state as well as the same age or close in age. Other techniques for attempting to steal your money under false circumstance are: Contacts who say I am coming to your town soon and want to know if you can host me (again especially around renewal time).

Turning on auto renew even after you have turned it off. Fraudulent credit card charges.


If you have knowledge of a fraud/fake/imposter who is exhibiting dangerous tendencies, don't be thinking alt is going to care. they just want money.


WHAT I'D LIKE from AFF and ALT is that they have a Abuse Department that helps their customers with a problem rather than abuse them too. First of all, abuse is hardly ever "open" they are always somewhere else or too busy or not in.

Then when you get through don't count on getting help. If you get fed up and say something nasty back to someone whose been harrassing you for months THEN abuse steps in and bans YOU.

Nice trick


:grin You idiot. I am a FEMALE member of Adult friend finder and I can tell you they most certainly do DELIVER!Let me guess, you're one of those men who signed up and expected sex instantly ~ expected that women would fall willingly at your feet and beg for you to let them suck your ***?Sorry to disillusion you, but us women prefer men who can spell and have a personality!Get a life. :roll

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New York, New York
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Used nonexistent members to lure me to upgrade.

Adultfriendfinder is a scam. I received letters as a Standard member from women who wanted to meet outside of the site since they were in the same area. At first I sent letters back and forward never noticing what was right in front of my eyes. The members were supposedly fellow Standard Members, not Silver or Gold Members. They were able, which I had and until that time with them never been able to do, send letters at will. Still slow, I'm thinking maybe they've changed their policy on this site, so I try sending letters to other members that peaked my interest. Each time I attempted to send a letter I got the upgrade page asking for money to contact other members. I wrote a letter to the site administrators asking, "How is it that certain so-called Standard Members(and I included the usernames of the ones doing it) can email at will any other Standard Member? Why does one woman's picture appear on three different profiles from three different states? Why did these women show so much interest in me, since I had never tried to contact them before that, and indeed had not visited the site for over two years?(At one point it got so crazy I was getting virtual kisses, spanks, hugs and suggestive notes from women who when I requested they be on my friend's list, they said they only looked for certain friends. How wierd is that when it was they who kept contacting me continually?) And after showing so much interest why did they suddenly just stop emailing me? My answer to that one is because I didn't completely swallow the bait and upgrade as they had intended I do. I told them in the letter that I thought their site was a scam and they were swindlers and should be reported. Their response to my letter? Silence. I have since asked that my profile be removed, completely deleted. I do not know if they have done so. Based on other reports my picture is probably still floating around on some strange profile.
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Washington, District Of Columbia

I didnot get the facility because I disputed wrong charges

Dear customer services I am an adultfrienderfinder member since 1/20/2008 for one year; paid fee us$119.85. my credit card statement billed two charges on 17/4/2008 & 17/5/2006 .each month us$17.95. I disputed it the charges, because I did not singed for any kind of additional services. the billing department, put me as standard member which I am not , they erased all my e-mail's in and out. I cannot enjoy the facility I should get .why? Can I get my right back please? Thank you Yours sincerely Handle id (ray31121)
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Jakarta, Jakarta

AFF is Awesome!

That is a crock! I have personally met at least 19 men from AFF and know for a fact most of the people on there are genuine. Could it be that maybe the same reason you can't get laid in a bar is the same reason you can't get laid on AFF? I contact men I find hot all the time and delete the toads. Do you think that just because a woman is on there she will sleep with just anyone? Unless you are attractive and appealing to me I don't waste my time. So maybe look in the mirror and use that as your guide. AFF does have a few bots but it is legit-stop complaining and do an honest review of your own attractiveness.
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I have a sure way to get laid. Hire, that's right you will have to pay for it one way or the other.

For bout 160 and up you can hire a masseuse to take care of you needs. Your welcome.


AFF is LAME and a scam at worst! Its way easier to meet hotties at the Walmart and no membership required..!

:grin BIG waste of time and money. Get a life and get out in the real world is much easier to meet people than on AFF. AFF contacts I get are not local and many over seas. I can walk in a club/bar or even Walmart and get more winks and smiles from real ladies!

*** for fun I contact a bunch of AFF fatties and not one would friend or mail me back! I think the ratio of males to girls is very high so a guy has slim odds of getting a reply too. Maybe AFF listing of your local swinger groups is of some use if you are into swing club thing.

Other than that aff from my experience is useless online meet up place. I get more replies from Craigslist anyway or out in the real world too.


Look, I'm a handsome, well-built middle-aged man who just left AFF for good a few hours ago. I was on for a month and got to read a lot of female profiles.

Many of them were egregious, pretentious, or just plain sad. The majority of them were scribed by unsatisfied married women who wanted some ooh-la-la on the down-low. Some were pathetic and lonely with four children. Some were outright freaky-deaky, you know, "I'd love to have 4 dudes and 2 chicks at the same time while my hubby watches"...that type of thing.

What left me with a quizzical and bemused Benny Hill look on my face were the middle-aged honies who put "prefer not to say" under the "do you take drugs" category. And what really killed me were the women who spent the majority of their badly worded, grammar-challenged profiles yelling about what they wanted from and what they weren't standing for in a man. I can understand if they looked like Halle Berry or Eva Longoria--they can be condescending and ultra-selective and could afford to be so--but the ones that talked all that smack were built like the Michelin Man and looked like either Elmer Fudd or Shaquille O' Neal in a bad wig. I'll just take my chances on the ol 'skool face-to-face method of meeting women.

It's free and you won't waste precious time online ruining your eyesight and furthering the cause of carpal-tunnel syndrome. AFF should actually stand for "Absolutely Freakin' Fraudulent." :(


Even if you don't make any "connections" on AFF, the pics and videos are probably worth the fees. For example "Sultress Jewel" who hails from somewhere in northern NJ has mind BLOWING videos. BTW I am male and on site I'm Quicksilver77707.


Sorry didnt finish my post, it is true that there are fake women on it, but when it comes to their billing we havent had any problems in the past, i think the guys get discourage cuz the ratio of women and men is so disproportionate, but it is obvious that that is the way it is in most dating sites, just be patient..


Its an ok site, boyfriend and i are there, we have met people but not everybody is attractive or our type


There are some females on these forums who work or have direct affiliations with AFF and similiar sites who promote positive DISINFORMATION supporting these sites. You are all wasting your money. is NOTORIOUS for this positive disinformation tactic.


:) :) :) :) :) I love the site, I've met my share of loonies but for the most part great men. & I'm not in the profession!


And before you decide to tag me as some ugly, fat, troll guy with a tiny package...I will send you my pics and we can shut that argument down. I definitely could not be accused of being ugly or unattractive; I take good care of my body and appearance and have nice features.

And at 25, I'm aging well compared to others my age.

So, why would would I try AFF? Simple, I have no social circle. And any friends I do have, are all in serious relationships/married.

So that eliminates much of the fun of the whole going out scene.

Although going stag is ok at times. Its just not the same.


I hate to be the negative nancy, but you're a female. These types of sites are innately in your favor. Let me explain...

Most of the male profiles are not fake.

Men are in complete compliance with the site's get laid, not have a relationship. Women seem to act no different than in real life (playing games, being incredibly selective etc.) so whats the point in joining if you're gonna be just as guarded there as in a bar?

As a guy, chances are if someone wants to meet for an aren't gonna say no unless they are completely and utterly unattractive. Again, the site is for having sex, not a relationship. Selectivity on AFF is counterproductive and a waste of money. For $35+/per month, I'd like to get my money's worth!! As long as they are clean and fairly attractive, who cares about anything else?!..Once again..the site is for sex, not a relationship.

Lastly think about ANY 'dating' many emails a day do you think a guy (even an attractive one) gets per day. Maybe 1 if he's lucky, sometimes even only 1 per week or none at all. Now, think of how many a female would get per day; several times more. To prove this, I set up a fake female profile using a marginally attractive picture, to see how many men contact women per day/week and what kind of messages a woman normally gets. I learned a lot about ratios of success by comparison in doing that.

A woman saying she had success (a willing partner/date) on a dating site/sexual encounter site is like saying Michael Jordan won a slam dunking contest against Gary Coleman.

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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Adult friend finder rips off its customers

Paging online members hasn't worked in over 9 months despite numerous complaints to customer service. Video cams only work 50% of the time and in search results you will receive 70% return of members who haven't been online in more than 3 months. Their matching...
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you can not to create my account in this adultfriendfinder

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Milford, New Hampshire

ADULT FRIEND FINDER (aka: Penthouse /Various, Inc.) SCAMS

I am a former employee of Friendfinder (Now known as Penthouse, who purchased the company for $500 million in December 2007) who absolutely agrees that Adult Friend Finder (and all their other websites) are a con-game/scam. I quit after seeing, with my own eyes, the...
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I am glad that you shared this information and that you know how to handle the problem.

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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Adult Friend Finder is a Scam

FriendFinder is truly the worse site for women. Women are routinely abused by the management. The ratio of 10 men to 1 woman is no accident. Women are routinely called names, and even threatened with violence in the chat rooms. All communication (emails, chat, instant...
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@poorcluelesskim1199 interesting read. pretty accurate information.

I am a firm believer in karma... I however did not meet him on friend finder. Can not say the information below is not 100 percent on point, but why bash him on the internet and not be thankful that he is now someone elses problem.

I thank the lord above that living that lie is no longer my life.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan