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What the *** is going on ? i cant find a new member on aff site.. The date of new member is Oct. 20, 2016.. How can i find some fun if that's the case ?? and it really annoying to be honest.. Im about to leave the site if its still going on.. This is not a funny thing to be honest with you.. I would like you to fix this thing as soon as possible.. Many members will not be happy with this *** problem.. So please do some action about this ! And... Read more

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The I.M. window constantly crashes..You'll be in the middle of chatting and poof, the window freezes.. It's like hanging up on a phone call.. This site used to be a good way to meet likeminded people, now its fustrating and just plain rude..When contacting Customer service , level two no less, as polite as they are, they weren't helpful in correcting the problem..As the saying goes, bigger is NOT always better..If you're going to brag about the... Read more

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People get permanently banned from Adult Friend Finder for violating the Terms of Use, which are plainly displayed at the bottom of the main sign-in page. They do not get banned because some people supposedly complain to the site that someone is too popular and they are jealous. They get banned for publicly posting death threats against specifically named members on the site's Magazine section; they get banned for posting unauthorized photos... Read more

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I was a blogger on the site for 10 years and my blog was the most popular blog on the site for many of those years. Recently my account was banned and my blog was deleted by the site. I believe those actions were taken because I spoke out in my blog about deceptive business practices such as allowing transsexual men to use female profiles, using ambassadors to attract new members and the use of a points for cash program which allows female... Read more

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Site is okay, a little pricey. I only wish that the site would allow x amount of dollars just to view message. Like .50 or something. I've had met and *** a few women off of that site over the past few years. I found that purchasing 1 month and carpet bombing everyone in my local area was very effective for me. Most of the member who are real at least are the same ones and there isn't a lot of new people signing up. So no need to purchase... Read more

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Website is the underworld of lying and misdirection do not go to this site arab lady for customer service will be cringing looking through my bank statments for the next month most of the people on this site are fake and not worth your money to spend on aff Read more

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We have been on this site for almost one month. Fakes either they refuse to give you a face pic or refuse to voice verify. I can not wait until this month is up.

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In my honest opinion this site gets better as time goes on which is the same for most of the good casual sex/ NSA sites (, etc). Some people don't seem to realise that it takes a while for the chats to get going and the replies to start coming in. I was pretty much ready to give up and then I got chatting with a smoking hot girl that I assumed was a fake until she agreed to meet up with me. Patience does pay off and even if... Read more

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I have been on AFF for many years, the results are phenomonal but you have to be patient. Real women will respond and chat with you but do not expect they will *** you tonight. They have lives. The problem I have is that AFF used to offer 20,10,5, then 3 and now 0 Free chats. It used to renew every night. It was awesome. That alone made it the best site. Now I am having doubts. If you want to make it a pay site,fine, then lable it that way. I... Read more

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Can't get online says can't establish a secure connection

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